28-29 October 2017 in Bowraville, NSW

Beekeeping Basics

a two day workshop




Beekeeping is a lifelong learning experience.

Our next spring Beekeeping Basics workshop is in Bowraville on 28-29 October 2017 and you will need to apply for a spot by clicking the Register button.

This is a two day course that has limited spaces available (12) and you will need to Register early to make sure of securing your place in this valuable and sort after class.

This workshop is a series of lectures and practical tasks. The course endeavours to develop sufficient knowledge, skills and confidence for you to begin keeping bees. The two day Bowraville workshop is $345 per person - DOWNLOAD or VIEW our October Bowraville Flyer here - pdf

*In the meantime I am happy to assist fellow bee keepers (and intending course participants) where possible - my contact details


Limited Participants

Participant numbers are kept low to enable personalised instruction and safe execution of practical tasks.

Future Programs

The Programs page shows the date, time and location of coming new events on the BeekeepingBasics workshop agenda.

Your Educator

BeekeepingBasics educator is Allan Thomas. Allan has more than 40 years beekeeping experience. Read more about Allan on the Educator page.

Watch Video

Sample video only - space for Allan to feature his own introductory video.

Beekeeping Basics: Getting Started.

Meet Your Educator

As an Agricultural Science educator, Allan Thomas has been recognised with a National Excellence in Teaching Award.
Allan has been the NSW DPI "Beginning in Bees" trainer for Northern NSW for several years.
The book by NSW DPI, called Bee Agskills (see below), will be issued to you as part of your workshop fee.
Your workshop includes theoretical and practical tasks giving you skills to set up your own hive.


Click the tabs below to see our 2-day program, to find out about our Future Workshops and to find out about our 1-day Refresher Workshops.

This program is a rough guide only, session times and content may change without notice according to weather, group dynamics, venue facilities and other possible affecting factors

Saturday 28 October 2017 - 09.00 AM Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville, NSW

Session 1 Introduction to Beekeeping Basics workshop

with Allan Thomas

In this session you will learn about
* Welcome/introduction, location of facilities, site emergency procedure, morning tea/lunch arrangements, participant’s experience/expectations and reaction to stings
* Work through SWMS, participants to sign. Address stings and PPE demonstration
* Demonstrate hive hardware components … bottom board through to lid, variations in frames and boxes. Flow Hive

Saturday 28 October 2017 - 12.00 PM Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville, NSW

Session 2 Biology of Bees

with Allan Thomas

In this session you will learn about
* Understand location/structure of brood nest, pollen and honey stores
* Describe biology of the queen, drones and workers (chart)
* Construct a frame (prac)

Saturday 28 October 2017 - 03.00 PM Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville, NSW

Session 3 Hive Inspection

with Allan Thomas

In this session you will learn about
* Light a smoker (prac)
* Open and inspect a hive (prac)
* Discuss/demonstrate siting and moving of hives

Sunday 29 October 2017 - 09.00 AM Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville, NSW

Session 4 Pests and Diseases

with Allan Thomas

In this session you will learn about
* Address and observe where possible, common pests and diseases
AFB, EFB, Chalk Brood, Small Hive Beetle, Wax Moth. (hand out)
* Discuss seasons, impact on hives and therefor seasonal management
* Demonstrate how to requeen a hive

Sunday 29 October 2017 - 12.00 PM Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville, NSW

Session 5 Bees and Honey

with Allan Thomas

In this session you will learn about
* How/where to obtain bees and catch a swarm (demonstrate swarm collection)
* Select honey frames for extraction (prac)
* Work together to extract the honey, clean up and return stickies (prac)

Sunday 29 October 2017 - 03.00 PM Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville, NSW

Session 6 Summary

with Allan Thomas

In this session you will learn about
* Marketing of honey and wax
* Discuss legal considerations, (hand out)
* Information – other courses, joining a bee group, publications, suppliers
* conclusion

28-29 October 2017 Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville

Bowraville 2-day workshop

28-29 October 2017

This workshop will be held at Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville. Venue details published here after 24 September. Workshop fee is $345 please register early, limited places offered for this popular Beekeeping course.

coming soon, 09.00 AM venue tba NSW

Refresher Course

with Allan Thomas

This course will run for one day for those who have done a course with me before, or alternatively, have at least one full year of beekeeping experience.
The aim will be to refresh and increase the knowledge/skills of participants with their beekeeping.
It will also be a course where common beekeeping problems can be solved.
The course will be held at the venue tba on date tba.
Start 9.00am finish about 3.30pm.
Bring your own lunch.
I shall supply tea, coffee etc. for our breaks.
I will have some protective clothing, but bring your own if you can.
Cost $110
If you have particular issues that you would like addressed, please let me know so they can be included.

Register Here

Please apply for a place in the workshop by filling out this Registration form. You can pay online using our Paypal button or you can select the other option and we will then contact you about payment to secure your spot.

Current Workshop: Beekeeping Basics
Venue: Dowsett Inn Honey, Bowraville, NSW
Date: 28-29 October 2017
Workshop Fee: $345 per person GST free (includes catering)
Tutor: Allan Thomas.

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The 2-day workshops cost from $285 per person GST free. Catered 2-day workshops cost from $345 per person GST free.

Includes a copy of The NSW DPI Bee Agskills Book plus you will assemble a frame and extract some honey to take home.

A bee suit will be provided for your use when working hives.

We will provide tea, coffee, milk, sugar and teaspoons at the workshop. You need to provide your own cup/mug, snacks, lunch etc for each day you attend. If the workshop is a catered event, you will not need to provide any of the mentioned items.

Workshops are conducted in major centres in Northern NSW as needed, however, most often in Armidale, Tamworth, Bellingen, Bowraville, Coffs Harbour and Grafton

Workshops are conducted on an as needs basis but on average there is a workshop running each month at different venues in the Northern NSW region.

Yes, advanced workshops are conducted by request or as needed.

Advanced workshops require ...

Advanced workshops cost ...

Testimonials from BeekeepingBasics Course groups

"This is an excellent course for anyone wishing to get into bees for the first time. Allan is a great teacher whose presentation style is professional, informative and very practical. We both came away with the confidence to go ahead with our own hive and start beekeeping" Bec and Laurie S, Guyra

"I thoroughly enjoyed Allan’s Beekeeping Course. My confidence grew in just those couple of days so that I felt capable enough to handle my own hive. Allan made everything very clear and easy to understand. He has an obvious passion and extensive knowledge of bees." Michelle W, Armidale

"Thank you Allan for such an enjoyable course. Your knowledge and enthusiasm along with a balance of practical and theory makes the course very enjoyable. Highly recommend this course to all bee keepers." Jane L, Armidale

"Beekeeping Basics is the best beekeeping course in the business. Allan Thomas has a great teaching style and a wealth of beekeeping knowledge. Money well spent." Glenn L.


This venue information is for the 28-29 October 2017 (Basics) workshop and venue will change for each subsequent workshop as they become next on the list.

Dowsett Inn Honey
South Arm Road

Bowraville, NSW 2449
Tel: (02) 6564 8580

Allan Thomas
Tel: 0428 712 587
Email: beekeepingworkshops@gmail.com

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Allan Thomas
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